Leek Wootton WI Community Garden

We are delighted to report that some initial funding has been acquired to help revamp the WI Garden on Warwick Road, opposite the Woodcote Lane junction and at the top of Tidmarsh Road.

A Planning Committee has been formed and now we are ready to start preparing the existing garden for its transformation.

The aim behind this is to provide a pleasant place in the heart of the village to stop and chat and to bring a smile to the faces of passers-by.

We are looking to create a low maintenance, environmentally friendly area which will be resilient to the vagaries of climate change.

Now, of course, you can see where this is going!  We need volunteers to help with this fun and rewarding project.  I am assured that no knowledge of gardens or plants is required (although always welcome).  Initially, we will be cutting back and removing old or unwanted plants so a fine pair of loppers, garden gloves and a broom will be the main requirements.

Why not have a chat with anyone on our Committee – Hazel Glover, Ian Glover, Jim Barr, Charlie Yeomanson, Steph Jones, Cathy Cooke or myself.

With thanks in advance.

Lesley Kirkwood

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