Researching and archiving the history of Leek Wootton & Guy’s Cliffe Civil Parish
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For God and Right and LibertyFor God and Right and Liberty
Leek Wootton History Group’s tribute to the eighteen fallen men of Leek Wootton & Guy’s Cliffe, in commemoration of the start of World War I.
Support from the Warwick Rural West Community Forum Grant Fund means that we were able to produce a limited edition run for free distribution to residents of Leek Wootton & Guy’s Cliffe. These have now run out and we do not have any new copies available. Copies were purchased by local library services.
If you own a copy and would like to return it to the History Group for redistribution; if you if you are interested in this publication and would like us to let you know if and when we have second-hand copies available; or if you are interested in one of the stories included in our book, please contact us.
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Doreen's Diary CoverDoreen’s Diary: She Could Not Have Loved More
The History Group has now published the book at the heart of its project Doreen’s Diary: The life of an indomitable woman in Warwickshire during World War II and it can now be ordered from the shop.
If you would like to find out more about the project, please go to the Doreen’s Diary project page at or to see photos from the project, you can ‘Like’ us on our Facebook page at
Doreen's Diary Walk LeafletDoreen’s Diary: World War II Walk
Produced as part of the project, Doreen’s Diary: The life of an indomitable woman in Warwickshire during World War II, this leaflet guides walkers around World War II related sites in Leek Wootton and nearby.
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A History of Woodcote A History of Woodcote
Tucked away on a country lane, the Woodcote estate was key to the existence on the village of Leek Wootton in the 19th and early 20th century, but little is known of the estate prior to that time. Known to many as simply, ‘Warwickshire Police Headquarters’, this book is the first time a history of the Woodcote estate in Leek Wootton has been published; from its first mention in Domesday, through its time as a farming estate and stately manor house.
Mary Wise's Recipe BookMary Wise’s Recipe Book
Based on Eighteenth Century household books found in the Wise and Waller Collection, this selection of recipes contains 54 culinary recipes that have been transcribed, converted to modern measures, tested and tasted by History Group members. It also contains some history of the Mary Wise and the household books as well as other, more curious potions and cures of the period.
We wish to thank the Heart of England Community Foundation, Grassroots Warwickshire Fund, for its grant funding to enable this booklet to be printed, published and offered free of charge.
Wise & Waller Walk LeafletWise and Waller Walk Leaflet
Produced as part of Warwickshire County Records Office Outside the Box project, this leaflet guides visitors to sites around Warwick that relate to the Wise and Waller families.
The publication is free and can be picked up at the Record Office or contact us for a copy.
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LWHG-CDLeek Wootton and its Hamlets (CD Version)
The History Group has now produced Leek Wootton and its Hamlets on CD, containing the entire text and all photographs and illustrations, presented in PDF format, with some colour images. Also on the CD is the Leek Wootton and its Hamlets Companion Calendar 2003, also in PDF format, which provides additional material collected since the publication of the book.
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Leek Wootton and its HamletsLeek Wootton and its Hamlets
Written by residents, this 200 page book contains in excess of 160 photographs, maps and illustrations and tells a history of the Civil Parish, from archaeological evidence of primitive settlements, to the projects that commemorated the new millennium.
Paperback copies are now only available through the History Group’s ‘buy-back’ scheme. Leek Wootton History Group will buy back any unwanted copies of Leek Wootton and its Hamlets (price dependant on condition) and re-sell to someone on its waiting list. If you have a copy you want to sell, or want to go on the waiting list, please contact us.
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